Study: New flu inefficient in attacking people (AP)

AP – With swine flu continuing to spread around the world, researchers say they have found the reason it is — so far — more a series of local blazes than a wide-raging wildfire. The new virus, H1N1, has a protein on its surface that is not very efficient at binding with receptors in people’s respiratory tracts, researchers at the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology report in Friday’s edition of the journal Science.

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Advocates are back with real health care stories (AP)

AP – When carpenter Greg Douglas crashed his pickup truck, his toolbox hit him and smashed his ribs and collarbone. After a month in the hospital, the medical bills hit him even harder, totaling $165,000.

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Federal probe finds problems with chelation study (AP)

AP – A federal investigation has found that heart attack survivors enrolled in a study of a controversial alternative medicine treatment were not told enough about potential dangers from the drug being tested, including death.

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Bedwetting, being overweight linked to sleep apnea (Reuters)