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Telehealth Careers, Jobs & Emploment
A career in Telehealth, Telemedicine and eHealth can be extraordinarily rewarding, convenient and flexible for the right kind of professional. Telehealth is the use of communications and information technology to deliver health and health care services, information and education where participants are separated.

Telehealth can help to improve access by overcoming barriers of geography, transportation infrastructure, or socio-economic disparity. It can enable clinical consultation, continuing professional education, health promotion, and healthcare management and administration.

Telehealth jobs falls into three basic categories:
1. Telephone triage
2. Telehealth clinician (in the field)
3. Telemedicine provider (at a central facility)

Telephone triage
Jobs in telephone triage (also known as telehealth, telemedicine, and telenursing) require individuals who have excellent clinical, communication, and critical thinking skills, who are able to multi-task, and who are comfortable with technology.